Saturday, March 2, 2013

Code Storytelling

In this post I will describe a thought I had about the different stories developers are telling when writing code.
In my work, part of my job is to read other people's code, to give feedback about it and then to compile lectures, which will help the development teams improve their coding. I often try to write in different styles on different projects in order to improve my understanding of various coding styles and the people which tend to use them.

I found that most people have their own style and sometimes multitude of styles with in the same code.  I try to show people how they can keep a consistent style with in their code, as part of their training. On some occasions I've also seen the opposite, where a person will stick to one style no matter what and other teams which are made to write all in the same style.

These situations caused me to wonder, how much one should be able to keep a personal coding style while working with others?
Should a line be drawn between the personality and the uniformity? and if so, where should that line be drawn?
Are we losing ingenuity and progress while trying to keep a consistent coding style?

What do you think?
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